Monday, January 29, 2007

Boogie Fever - Baby Loves Disco

I gave up nightclubs a couple of years before I became a mom. I just couldn't take them anymore; the smoke, the drunken, unintelligible pick-up lines, trying to talk with your friends over the ear-splitting house music, it was all too much for me to take. Mix all that with the fact that I dance like a wounded chicken and you can see why I was only too thrilled never to see the inside of a club again.

Then I was invited to Baby Loves Disco - Boston. A dance club for the toddler set? Huh? I admit that I was confused by the concept, but intrigued. My daughter likes to shake her diaper-clad booty with the best of them, so who was I to deny her the chance to mingle with Boston's finest? So, I packed up my 21-month old toddler, my husband, and a couple of friends and their toddler son and off we went to the city. (yeah, I'm good like that.)

The event, held at the Revolution Rock Bar, was kid friendly from the word go. Just beyond the stroller parking we were greeted by a very helpful woman who pointed out all that Baby Loves Disco had to offer:

On the first floor - The Chill Out Room (complete with seating, tents with pillows, books and toys), for those who had boogied their little hearts out and needed a breather from all the excitement; The Airbrush Temporary Tattoo Station; The long table of complimentary healthy snacks and juice boxes provided by Wild Oats (I don't know how many organic cheese puffs we ate, but what happens at Baby Loves Disco stays at Baby Loves Disco).

The diaper changing station, probably the first bar rest area that I was not disgusted by but impressed with. There were even complimentary chair massages and a station for eyebrow waxing (??!) for the moms and dads. And? A cash bar. Yes, Meredith Viera, a bar. With alcohol. Around children. And yet I did not notice one parent acting inappropriately, or really acting as anything other than a doting, responsible parent. Go figure.

We took it all in and then headed downstairs to the dance area. I have to admit, it was a bit louder than I would have liked. The music, some of my favorites from the 70's and 80's spun by DJ Kon was great, the kids loved playing with the egg shakers and the hula hoops and didn't seem too bothered by the noise, so maybe it was just the mom in me. The actual dance space at the Revolution was pretty small for the crowd that was there (we were there at it's busiest time, around 3pm), so we headed back upstairs where we could still hear the music but had more room to enjoy ourselves.

Aw, yeah. Shakin' my groove thang.

Chicky, with cheese puffs in hand, immediately starting dancing to the music. She was in her element as she rocked out to Human League and ABC. And there was not one time where I felt my lack of coordination was an embarrassment. In fact, I was in good company. I was very impressed by all the mothers and fathers who were willing to make fools of themselves for their children's enjoyment. Together we danced around with our children and smiled at each other over their heads. Except for those parents who were just too cool for that kind of thing, it was a club after all.

We were there for about an hour and a half, plenty of time to have our fill of music and merriment. After we gathered our belongings (imagine feeling comfortable enough to drop your coat just about anywhere, knowing it would be right where you left it when you got back!) we were given goody bags on our way out, with swag from Baby Legs, a board book and a coupon to Wild Oats. The icing on the cake, if you ask me. We had a great time even without the freebies.

All in all, it was a very successful outing. I was extremely impressed with the Baby Loves Disco crew. Even the bartenders seemed to be enjoying themselves. One thing we noticed, and my friend was quick to point it out, there were very few children having tantrums or total sensory-overload induced meltdowns. To me that smacks of the perfect day with the kidlets.


Before I forget: A word about getting your tickets for Baby Loves Disco. The event we attended sold out three weeks in advance and the February slot is sold out as well. Plan now for March and buy your tickets today!