Monday, May 05, 2008

Good for the Rookie Mom and the old pros too

Okay, so I'm not exactly what one could call a "Rookie" mom. I have one daughter who by the grace of God, Allah, or Snuggle the Fabric Softener Bear (pick your deity, I'm flexible) has made it to three years old without once being sold to the gypsies.

Though we did threaten on occasion to give her to Goodwill or leave her by the side of the road in a box that said "Free! To a good home."

But we didn't do that. My husband and I rolled through four months of colic and the rest of infancy and then onto walking, talking and all through the not-so-terrible-twos - which really weren't so bad.

However, if I had had the "Rookie Moms Handbook - 250 activities to do with (and without) your baby" the first year might have been a bit easier and all that trial and error might have been shaved down a bit, freeing me up for more important things. Like showering.

The "Rookie Moms Handbook" is a small, easy to read guide chock full of tips on how to survive those first months of motherhood. It's perfectly sized to fit in your diaper bag and would make a great addition to any baby shower gift. Because who doesn't need a little more advice, right?

Written by moms who have been there so you know these are tried and true ideas, it's a book you'll want to pull out and peruse when you're sitting at the playground with your four month old, wondering what the hell you're doing there in the first place with a baby who can't even sit up on his own yet. (Hint, try bringing the baby to the museum instead. Tip #66. The baby is still portable and you can fill your mind with something stimulating instead of another round of Baby Einstein DVDs. Does the baby care where he is right now? In a word, no.)

I do wish I had this book before my daughter was born but I am glad that I have it now. I'm not a rookie but I'm not an expert either and there are still some ideas in the "Rookie Moms Handbook" that I'll put to use when baby #2 arrives in the next week or so. Wow, that's coming fast. I better call my Nana (Tip #6 - Grandmothers are extremely useful!).


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And make sure you check out the Rookie Moms blog for even more tips on entertaining your baby and yourself!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words. I found that Baby #2 was even more portable than #1 because I was less afraid. We enjoyed a lot of coffee dates and still snuck into some museums. Good luck to you!

7:09 PM  

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