Sunday, July 13, 2008

These Tiny*Prints pack a big punch

This is going to be an easy and quick review. Ready?

I love Tiny*Prints cards.

It really is as simple as that. I love them. These contemporary and stylish personalized cards are simple to make, simple to order, and Tiny*Prints has a wide range of choices in different price points for every occasion from birth announcements, like the one I created to let everyone know about the arrival of my daughter,

Cute, huh? The card AND the baby. Heh.

... to thank you cards. They have every type of invitation you could possibly need and you can even make matching return address labels if you like that matchy-matchy kind of thing. Which I do.

I had a ridiculous amount of fun trying to find just the right card style for our birth announcement and in the end decided on one of the cheaper ones. I really like the design and was thrilled to see that the less expensive ones were comparable to the pricier options. Because I'm cheap but I don't want to everyone else to know it.

If you don't feel like customizing your cards with a picture you took you can use one of their designs and add your own flair by choosing between different fonts and colors. And it's all so simple it's almost fool-proof. When you're a new mom and the quote-unquote mommy brain has kicked in hard believe me, you need something fool-proof.

Do you really have to ask if I would recommend Tiny*Prints photo cards, announcements and invitations to my friends? Really? Did you not read the last few paragraphs? May I recommend that you read them again or just go to the Tiny*Prints website and see for yourself.

Really. Go now. Okay, gaze upon the beauty that is my newborn daughter and then go check out the cards for yourself.


This was a review for the Parent Bloggers Network.

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Blogger Sarahviz said...

BIG FAN of Tiny Prints. I used them for our Christmas cards this past year and got TONS of compliments!

9:06 PM  

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